5 Things To Do Before Turning 25

When I was 15, I used to look at people who are in their mid-twenties and think to myself “they are so old!”.

I always thought that when you’re 24 or 25, you have certainly figured your whole life out. In about a month and a half, I’ll be turning 24. But guess what? I don’t feel like I have everything figured out yet, haha! Of course I’m aware of the things that I’ve done, that I am doing and that I want in my future, but I have achieved about %40 or so of them.

However, based on my tiny experience in life, there are things that I’d love to share with the young people – such as myself – for them to do before turning 25.

  1. Madly Fall in Love
    I’m talking about a passionate, ambitious and self growing love. Fall in love with someone who swipes you off your feet, someone you can’t be mad at even though they’ve screwed up a couple of times. Be with that someone who makes you wanna keep hustling till you reach your goal, someone you can be both silly and serious with. I’m talking about the kind of love that has all kinds of emotions – because no love is ever real if it’s always “la vie en rose”. Fall in love with a person who you teach and learn from every single day.

  2. Travel at least Once
    It’s not about visiting every single country, but try to at least travel once. Explore new cities, meet new people, learn from different cultures and make memories! Traveling is definitely a great way to invest in yourself. It’s amazing how it can grow your knowledge and open your mind to new ideas. Traveling is certainly an inspiration that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

  3. Widen your Circle of Friends
    You don’t necessarily have to be close to hundreds of people, but at least be open to the opportunity of making new friends. They could be your colleagues (since you basically share 5 days a week with them), your cousins, your gym partners, etc. Wherever you go, make sure you make a new friend and learn from them at least one thing; it could be how the weather functions or how cats think. I don’t know but open your mind up.

  4. Have an Income
    I know in Lebanon it’s very hard to be employed post graduation. But try to be passionate enough to find a job and to go where you want to in your career. It’s important to have an income in your early twenties because it teaches you how to be independent. It gives you some kind of power that comforts you.

  5. Spend every Penny!
    Live your life. Raising money is quite important, but in your early twenties you can definitely have a month or two (even a year) where you can spend every single penny of your salary and enjoy it. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. It’s your money and you’ve worked quite hard to get it. You earned it. I wasn’t aware of this until one day, my mom told me to enjoy the things in the present because at some point, I’m gonna reach a certain age where raising money is primordial for my future – but I can skip a year or two before doing so and it’s totally fine!

Here are my 5 things that should be done before turning 25. Yours could be different and I don’t mind getting to know about what goes on in your minds! Feel free to share with me whatever you want, I’ll be so interested!

Before I end this thing, please remember to be happy. In whatever you do, with whoever you are, at wherever you work; be happy with yourself.

With smiles,


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