Dear Daughter, Take Care of Your Heart

Dear baby girl, I am writing you this post while quarantined with a hair bun, my rounded glasses and a music playlist on repeat. By the time you read this, I will be 50 years old or so and I hope you’re old enough to relate to what I’m writing you.

Once you’re 20, you will be living the best moments of your life: picnics, hiking, camps, parties, movies, girls nights, a cute boyfriend of your age .. everything is going to be at your reach. As they say, the early twenties are the best years to live to the fullest!

You won’t be having a thing to worry about but your grades in college and where to travel next. You’re going to be so confident that it makes the others shake. You’re going to learn how to value money yet enjoy it when you can. You’re going to have ambitions and goals so high that they scare people when you talk about them. You’re going to have a wide smile that will forever be printed on your face and others will love you for it! You will be radiating positive vibes wherever you go. You’ll know by then how much easy it is to enjoy life with what you have and not what you wish you had. You won’t be too shallow to care about superficial things that many girls admire. You will be so deep that the ocean will doubt itself. You’re going to have brains and beauty. Basically, you’re going to be flawless – at least to me.

Oh dear baby girl, don’t be fooled. There will be tears. There will be heartbreaks. There will be fake friendships. There will be bad days and angry nights. There will be uncertain moments where you stop to yourself and think “what the hell is happening to me?”. There will be HR managers who won’t find your CV as dope as you think it is. There will people who don’t like you just for the sake of being who you are. There will be guys who won’t appreciate your pure heart, even if you’re giving them all your love.

But you know what? I will be there when your friends decide to be on bad terms with you. I will be there when that job interview doesn’t go as expected. I will be there when you don’t pass your probation period. I will be there when some guy breaks your tiny heart. I will be there when all of it goes wrong and I promise I will fix it. I will stand by you through heaven and hell no matter what your problems are – how small you think they are, I will be there to lift you up. I’m going to be your best friend!

Because dear daughter, nothing in the whole wide world is worth your sadness nor your self-esteem.

I want you to be fierce.

I want you to be bold.

I want you to be scared of nothing.

I want you to take challenges and face difficulties.

You’re going to be a strong little lady who was raised by a strong mother.

And when things go down the road, you’ll know where to find me.

And last, in whatever you do, in whichever friendship & relationship, wherever you work, take care of your heart. And if one day someone tried to break it, what a loss it will be on them for not knowing how to take care of such a ruby stone!

Remember love, you’re not alone.

With so much affection,


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