How to take Choices

What a big word “choices” is.

If you think about it, life is all about choices. What to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, where to party, what to wear, where to shop, whom to be with, who you friends are, what to work, where to apply for university.. everything is a choice.

But, what if we don’t know what we want? What if we don’t know where we stand?

You could be having your life all figured out yet, you might hesitate to apply for that job vacancy. You might not be so sure about if you really want to move abroad for studies or work. Maybe you don’t know if you picture yourself with your partner on the long term.

What to do in such case?

I’m no expert in life, but ever since I was a kid; I really knew what I wanted to be. I have goals. I have aims. I have a plan.

The easiest thing to do when you don’t know if you want to take the next step in your life is to find its pros and cons – at least that’s what I do.

Stating both the positive and negative consequences of my next step deeply help me make a choice. And most of times, I make the right choices in life.

Also, consulting someone you trust can really help you draw your direction. That someone could be your mother, father, sister, brother or boyfriend/girlfriend but always rely on people you are comfortable talking with.

I don’t remember regretting any of my decisions. Unless I felt like having a burger instead of a pizza, then yeah I feel like I made the wrong choice😜

Bottom line is, you don’t have to know everything nor have your life planned ahead. However, you can study the choices you have and that’ll help you achieve whatever you want!

With smiles,


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