What School Never Teaches You

We spend around 14 years in school, yet the moment we step out of it our life just shifts from simple days to complicated incidents.

14 years of books, lessons, homework, tests and exams but none teaches us what life is really about.

School never teaches you:

  • To be grateful you have a roof over your head.
  • To be aware of the blessings that you have if your family and your loved on are safe.
  • To think outside the box and be creative your own way.
  • To take care of your mental health first.
  • To believe in yourself.
  • To know your own value.
  • To say “enough” when you feel like it.
  • That it’s okay to cry when you’re sad.
  • That sometimes people will hurt your feelings but you’ll get over it.
  • That you can always depend on yourself and nobody but yourself.
  • That you are different in your own way.
  • Not to sabotage and destroy your self esteem no matter what.
  • To love the way you want to be loved.
  • To give all your efforts when you’re in love.
  • To shine in your own way.
  • To do more of what makes you happy.
  • To give second chances for the right people.
  • To trust a few persons in your life.
  • To have a small circle of real friends but a big PR.
  • To go for your dreams and get through obstacles.
  • That it’s OK if you failed your math test.
  • That it’s totally find not to know how to cook.
  • That working out is a necessity but not what you should be thinking about all day every day.
  • To relax when you feel like it.
  • To be distant from everyone when life hits you hard. Some people need time by themselves to think and feel what’s best for them.
  • Not to destroy others.
  • To have high self confidence that no one can lower your standards.
  • That choosing your own happiness is not selfish.

There are many important things that schools hasn’t taught me but life seemed to make me realize them in my journey.

PS: I wouldn’t be able to write this is if it weren’t for school hehe.

If you feel like adding anything, mention them below in the comments section!

With smiles,



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