Is it really Friday?

February 21st 2020, marked the announcement day of the 1st corona-virus case in Lebanon. Ever since then, the Lebanese people haven’t been the same. Mentally, they’ve been dead scared of what’s coming towards them. Physically, I’m going to spare you with that.

Fifteen days ago, people took a wise decision. A week ahead the government’s determination of mobilization, many private institutions consented to be quarantined and to work remotely in order to preserve safety, avoid the increase of corona-virus cases and eventually flatten the curve once the virus outbreaks (since it was predictable that it’s going to happen).

Knowing the above, we lost count of our days. We’re no longer intimidated by Mondays, Wednesdays are chill, and the weekend? Forget about that! Hours are passing by and we don’t seem to care. All we are thinking about is how to keep our loved ones safe. Even if it’s going to make us mentally suffer, we will respect the initiative that we took to stay home and just get ourselves busy with whatever can be done at one’s place.

Is it really Friday? I personally couldn’t care any less now. Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday – it doesn’t make any difference. It’s not like I’m waking up every morning, getting dressed to go to work, visiting my sister and her husband post work or going out for dinner with my man..

We used to have it all planned out: Mondays and Wednesday are for working out at the gym. Tuesdays are for happy hour gatherings after work. Thursdays are for Netflix and chill. Fridays – IT’S THE WEEKEND! Parties till dawn on Saturdays and Sundays are family days. But now, all our days are the same.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many platforms are now a bigger part of our quarantined life. It’s amazing how users are boosting each other’s moods, sharing funny quotes, introducing new talents and hobbies, etc.. The internet is making our quarantine more bearable I’d say!

Do you ever stop and think “is it worth it?” or “maybe we’re exaggerating??”

Let me tell you this: it is definitely worth it and we are not exaggerating! Don’t go around acting reckless. There are loads of things that can be done while staying in. If you’re out of ideas, check 12 Indoor Activities to Prevent CORONAVIRUS!

Have you ever thought that maybe not only Earth needs a break, but we – as population – need it as well? A break from traffic, stressful rides, barely one hour of lunch breaks, tough days at the office.. a break from all the hate around the world?

Now is the time to stand hand in hand but in distance to save our country and our world. Do not mess this up.

We’ll hug each other again. We’ll kiss stronger this time. We’ll laugh till we cry. We’ll dance till we drop. We’ll LIVE better than ever because now we all know the real meaning and value of our lives.

Stay home. Stay safe. It’s just a temporary matter!

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