My Everyday Makeup Look

I know, not what I usually write about. But this quarantine time has to be killed my fellows.

If you know me well, you probably know that I don’t overdo my makeup. The times that I visited a makeup artist are really countable: my school prom, my brother’s wedding, my sister’s pre-wedding party and wedding, for an Instagram project and when I had a live 12 hours show on LBCi last new year’s eve. (click on the link to see my look!)

For the weddings and formal occasions of my friends, I do my own makeup at home. Throughout the years, like any other girl, I started learning more about makeup; the brands, the usage of each product, the do-s an don’t-s (that I usually do not respect hehe) and much more!

Today, I feel like sharing with you the products and the steps to my everyday chill makeup that I sometimes apply when I’m going to work or when I have a dinner, lunch, party, etc..

Hope you like it and I’m excited to know more about your daily makeup routine!

The steps to my daily makeup routine:

1. Compact Powder

I start by applying a small amount of powder in order to give my face an homogeneous feel. I rarely use foundation because I’m afraid it thickens the layer of makeup on my skin.

I clearly need new ones btw 🤦🏼‍♀️

2. Eyebrows filling

I love this eyebrow gel from L’oréal Paris. With its stick, you can fill the gaps and thicken your eyebrows; from intense to natural brows. You pick!

3. Eyeshadow

Always go for light pink for a casual daily makeup! I love its effect and how you can easily increase its opacity if you feel like it.

4. Mascara

It’s official, HYPNÔSE DRAMA from Lancôme is my favorite mascara!

You can spot the curved brush that creates an amazing volume for my eyelashes with no clumps at all!

5. Concealer

With this instant anti-age eraser from Maybelline, I kiss my dark circles goodbye!

Definitely recommended for those who suffer from baggy eyes like I do.

6. Blush

I wish you can smell it through the picture. This blush from L’oréal is everything you need to add a little tan to your face and body as well! For me, I just apply a fine line on my cheek bones & I definitely don’t over do it especially since it’s for my everyday look.

7. Cheek powder

Ok this is my 2nd favorite item of my everyday makeup kit.

I simply apply a little bit on the apple of my cheeks. It gives such a flowery vibe to my overall makeup!

8. Lipstick

I like this pink matt lipstick from NYX but I can’t say it’s %100 matt. It fades a little bit when I eat and drink. But it’s very nice for the whole casual look!


Below you will find 2 additional makeup products you might want to include in your daily makeup routine.

i. The Choco Lip balm from NYX

This cutie is a new step that I recently added to this whole thing. I sometimes want to give a break to my lips so I use this lip balm to hydrate my lips.

ii. The Eyeliner

I love this additional twist to my makeup and especially with this eyeliner. As you can see, its tip applicator bends which makes it easier to be specific while drawing the eye.

Et voilà!

These are the products that I use for my everyday makeup! I would love to know about yours 🌼

PS: please do not consider this post as an urge to put some makeup on on a daily basis. I go out – and sometimes to work – without having a thing on my face but my hydrating cream.

So feel pretty however you want!

With smiles,


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