12 Indoor Activities to Prevent CORONAVIRUS!

As you all know, most of the countries around the world have been invaded with the deadly virus Covid19 that’s also known as the CORONAVIRUS.

Thanks to the amazing awareness campaigns the media has been launching, we are all conscious of how to prevent ourselves from catching the coronavirus along with how to protect the loved ones around us as well.

Many people are locking themselves in hoping to decrease the spread of the virus while some others just think that we’d be overreacting to take precautions and imprison ourselves in. Since I’m not going to talk about irresponsible people that are taking coronavirus as a joke, this blog post tackles on the various stuff that you can do at home when you decide to stay inside the house. So let’s kick in!

  1. Watch Netflix

Now that was predictable. But anyways, who doesn’t watch Netflix? There are tons of new series every now and then. Just grab your headphones and get time going!

2. Develop a new hobby/skill

It’s been a while now since my love to cooking is growing. I find it very stress releasing and so calm – not when you have loads of stuff to wash afterwards but you get my point.

Find something you like and try to work on it, develop it so it becomes a hobby. For instance, I look for recipes everywhere online, it’s so easy to find whatever you need with just a click away! Today I made brownies topped with walnuts and coconuts sprinkles 🙂

3. Read books

Books. e-Books. Articles. Anything, just read. Grow your knowledge and enjoy a world of books where you get lost in the pages!

4. Learn a new language

You know the internet is full of websites and apps that can help you learn a new language. Few years ago, I was excited to start learning Spanish but then I found a job and never really made time for the new challenge. Maybe I’ll try again this time!

5. Launch a blog

WordPress, like many other blog sites, pushes you to start your online journal for free. I encourage everyone who feels like embedding their thoughts into words to consider launching a blog about something they like. You don’t have to be a journalist nor a writer to get on typing. Just do it if it makes you happy!

6. Take online courses

You’re never too old to learn. If you want to follow a new path in your career and feel like learning a few additional lessons, do it. Now is the time to fill that empty time that you have to spend at your home!

7. Organize your room

Many won’t do it but trust me, it’s such a calm thing to do. You might find some old stuff that’ll take you years back to your childhood, your teenage moments, etc.. and you’ll end up laughing to how stupid you were to keep that guy’s picture with you or to how cute you are for keeping a picture with your best friend with you. Both cases, it’s fun!

8. Workout

Get your booty up and start exercising. It’s not OK to feel old in a pretty young skin! Take a walk every day, or use some humble equipment that you have at home. For example, I use the treadmill with a mat and some weights – very not heavy weights.. But since I’ve been to many fitness classes before they shut down, I learned a few moves that are so easy to be done at home!

9. Spend time by yourself

It’s totally fine to spend some alone. You can value what you achieved till the moment. You can think of how to plan your future goals. You can take care of yourself. For instance, you can take care of your skin; put a mask on while listening to some music. Just relax.

10. Work on some freelance projects

If you have any freelance projects, now is the time to fasten your pace and respect the deadlines! Find a couple of hours to get things done.

11. Job hunt online

There are thousands of people who aren’t satisfied with what they are doing and where they stand in life. Looking and applying for new job positions is such a refreshing feeling. You don’t have to get accepted nor sit down and wait for the phone to ring. But sending your CV to several institutions might make you feel good about yourself!

12. Drawing/Coloring

I got this cute mandalas coloring book from my secret Santa last year and I have to say, it’s the coolest thing ever! Coloring reduces stress and anxiety. It improves motor skills, vision, sleep and many more. Try it and thank me later.

Here you go. My list of the stuff that you can do while staying in.

My final thoughts to you emphasize on being positive about staying in. Let us take the chance to get things done! We all have procrastinated matters and postponed duties that we should have done days or even weeks ago, so get on moving!

Do not waste your time panicking; just follow the rules of precautions, take care of yourself and avoid catching the virus. Since many institutions are shutting their offices down and sending their employees to work from home, take advantage of the circumstances and help your country get rid of Covid19!

PS: Don’t forget to frequently wash your hands, don’t be touchy and kissy with people, wear your gloves and stay away from your parents! They’re the ones who you should be worried about and not yourself.

With smiles,


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