4 tips on how to get over your anxiety!

I developed anxiety about 4 years ago, and it wasn’t cool back then. But you’d be surprised about how tricky it can be and yet you can easily get rid of it. Below are 4 tips that I follow whenever I feel anxious:

1. Share your thoughts with your partner

It’s so important to have a partner who understands what you’re going through. Being anxious is something that should be taken seriously. When you talk about your thoughts and feelings, you kick your anxiety away. When you seek your partner’s advice, everything becomes better. And if you don’t have any partner, talk to someone you trust.

2. Listen to music

As simple as it might sound, music helps me get rid of my anxiety. Nothing beats listening to cheerful songs when you’re feeling down. And I insist: cheerful songs, not depressing ones because trust me, they make you feel worse.

3. Believe otherwise

Anxiety is such a liar. The stress – or whatever you’re going through – reflects and awakens dark thoughts that you’d believe in no time. Whenever you’re afraid of what you’re thinking, please believe otherwise.

4. Pray

I may be someone who skips some Sundays at the church, but deep down I know that prayers really make me feel better. You could be praying in your room, or visiting the cathedral and even in the car, pray out loud and not just in your heart. Listen to your prayers, they help you feel relieved.

I’d be happy to get your suggestions

I hope my 4 simple tips help you one day, and if any of you has different ways to fighting anxiety, please feel free to share them with me. I’d love to read your comments ♥

-with love, Nicole.


  1. Deep breaths and yoga help me. I also challenge my thoughts and have plenty of sleep . Anxiety tries to creep up but I’ve been fighting back with these activities.


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