I’m a Dreamer

We live in a country where your dreams are doomed. Lebanon doesn’t seem to be the perfect environment to dream in. However, I refuse not to dream.

About two years ago, I got inked with my first tattoo. It says “أحلام” and is pronounced like “Ahlam”, as in “dreams” in Arabic. It’s not only my mother’s name, but it’s also a description of what goes through my mind.

I’m a dreamer. I’m someone who has big goals that sometimes they scare me. When I think of what I could be or reach at some point in my life, I say to myself “are you for real?”

One day, Nadine Magazine published the news of an event I worked on at Bridge of Minds.

Press Gathering at the Four Seasons Hotel for the Launching of the European Rice to the Lebanese Markets – Nadine Magazine

Looking at myself on that page actually made me so happy. I know to some of you it might be silly. Like “OK so what?”, but to me it feels like you gave me the whole world! I love Media. You have no idea. I used to always say “One day, I’m going to make it live on TV” and I did more than once! So believe me when I say “One day, I’m gonna make it on the cover of a magazine”.

I hear that laugh of yours guys. I might fail to achieve this. Printed magazines could be extinct. I could even not be worth a cover on some magazine. But the thought won’t ever leave my mind. I promise you. Because dreaming is beautiful, and I refuse to give that up.

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