Berlin, you’re adorable! (2018)

This year’s trip was my first time to Europe. I visited Berlin for 11 days and I must say; it was adorable!

I grew up traveling back and forth from Lebanon to Qatar where my family and I lived for 7 years. But flying to Berlin was my first experience in traveling all alone, by myself.

Can you imagine the anxiety? Yup. Big time.

I was so excited to reach Berlin and see my brother who’ve been away for the past 6 months, that my excitement doomed the disturbing feeling in my tummy.

Laying over in Istanbul for 6 hours wasn’t that bad after meeting a few people and spending our time getting to know each other and sharing our stories.

Yet, my anxiety never really went away until I reached Berlin😍

Berlin from above♥️[/caption]

The view from above was beautiful that my gasp surprised the woman sitting next to me haha.

And here comes my journey in Berlin!

The weather was super cold🥶 but that didn’t stop us from roaming around the city. I’m gonna share with you the most beautiful places that every traveler should visit once in Berlin.

La Cathédrale de Berlin

Welcome to Jerusalem

Also known as the Jewish Museum.


The Jewish Museum was a roller coaster of emotions. The stories behind it and the items in it give you goosebumps. There, you can rent an audio device that helps you understand everything that’s happening in the building right from the moment you enter it. 

  • Brandenburg Gate

Located in the western part of Berlin, the Gate was built to mark the start of the road from Berlin to Brandenburg town. It’s huge and beautiful especially at night when the lights go on!

  • Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery)

The famous wall! It was pretty damn long. I always thought that the Wall is on a land or property far from people or something, but little did I know that it’s literally on the streets. You could easily spot it while walking around the city.

  • Checkpoint Charlie

I’m from North Lebanon, and we have this spot that’s called “al Madfoun” and it marks the beginning of the North. So checking out Checkpoint Charlie was kind of heart warming haha. It kind of has the same concept.

During the War, trespassing this section meant entering the American sector or the West side of the city.

What’s amazing is that you can easily spot the difference between both the East and the West sides. Everything at the West is different. The Buildings, the people, the shops… it’s all brand new there!


The food.

The Sushi was great.

The Schnitzel was delicious.

The CurryWurst was awesome.

The Burger was amazing.

The Pizza was yummy.

The Koshari was nice.

The dessert? WOW.

I’ve tasted all kinds of food there. It’s amazing how this country presents the meals; so neat and delicious. 

In 11 days.

In 11 days,
I’ve met new people,
I’ve tasted food from different cultures; Thai, Egyptian, German, Japanese, Vietnamise, etc,
I’ve pampered myself,
I’ve taken pictures and videos,
I’ve created memories,
I’ve grown even if it was a bit,
I started seeing some things differently,
My confidence grew stronger,
My way of handling things varied
and I’ve definitely welcomed new things in my life.

There’s something about Berlin that makes it so simple yet so lovable. One of the things about it that I found so nice and actually funny, is that when someone no longer needs an item (could be an outfit, a bag, a cabinet, a closet, plates, etc..) they put it on the streets for the people in need! Anyone can pass by and take them with no prior notice. Trust me, I got a belt from the streets. Literally. It was on the window porch haha.

I love traveling ever since I was a kid. Growing older made me realize that it’s the sweetest escape. Up in the air you feel free. And trust me, you can always travel with a reasonable budget. It’s not always about sleeping in the fanciest hotels and eating at the richest restaurants. So get on saving and start flying!

Dubai was my first touristic experience, Berlin is now the second and I wonder which country I’ll be roaming next!


I’ve squeezed 11 days in a tiny vlog. You can watch it by clicking on the link below. And don’t forget to check out my Instagram Page for the pictures I’ve taken in Berlin that made my page’s pattern awesome. Hope you enjoy it!

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