5 things I thought about while watching La Casa de Papel

The minute I clicked on La Casa de Papel’s 1st episode, I haven’t found a way to stop. Days went by as I watched around 4 episodes per day to finish it as soon as possible!

Readers, if you haven’t watched it yet, THIS IS A HUGE SPOILER FOR YOU SO STOP READING RIGHT NOW!

As for the guys who are fans of La Casa de Papel, I’m sharing with you my top 5 thoughts (or traumas haha) I had while watching the series.

  • One of the witnesses identifying the Professor:

Oh. my. God.

That Russian man that was sketching the Professor’s face on the computer seconds before Salva threatened him with his family. My heart almost dropped I swear that was such an intense scene!!!

Raquel was so close to seeing the sketch I almost cried.


  • Arturito’s 2nd escape plan:

When Monica stole Denver’s gun and replaced it with a toy, Arturo and some of the hostages almost nailed their escape from the front door before Monica hit Arturo on the head and took sides with Denver and the crew.

This is true love guys. I mean, you were 5 seconds away from your decent freedom but you choose to stick beside the criminals. Wow. SERIOUSLY?!


But I mean, I’d run with Denver too.. he’s something.

Anyways they make a cute couple.

  • The professor at the cars dump:

The police being so close to catching the criminal is considered something cliché in most movies and series. But in La Casa de Papel, I don’t know why I felt like they’re really going to catch him back there! I mean, they were so close, and so ready to take that man out!

The best of it all is that the Professor is always one step ahead.


  • Raquel catching the professor in the bathroom:

I was in denial. The series couldn’t be ending with the Professor being behind bars. Nope. Is it really gonna end now? Is it over? But what about the crew? and the money? They’re almost done digging the tunnel!


  • Berlin getting shot:

This is the most horrible scene.

Why does it have to be the perfect ones who always die at the end?!

Unbelievable. I started thinking to myself; do you think he’ll wake up? I mean they were probably wearing vests.. Please?

But the tunnel had to be blown and the crew had to move on. JUST LIKE THAT? Not cool.



I’m not an expert reviewer for movies nor series, but I really felt like sharing my thoughts about this particular sequel of episodes that are insane! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this post and of course if you had any other trauma moment, please share it with me haha.

And now that it’s official; they’re shooting the 3rd season!

I can’t wait.


You can always leave your comments and thoughts in the section below!

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