Adios, LBCI!

I’m finally ready to share with you my latest experience as I’ll be also sharing yours that you guys sent me via DM on instagram. But first, let me inform you that I’m no longer an employee at LBCI.

May 16th, as I first got a call from the HR at LBCI for a job interview, I literally felt my heart racing like a horse.

Days passed by and the best thing I could’ve ever had was finally happening: LBCI wants to hire me as a news reporter. I couldn’t wait to start my journey as an employee since it was my 1st job ever! May, June, July & August were such beautiful months to me as I spent my time learning a lot from work and growing my kid spirit up.

Days passed by as I cried my eyes out, stressed the hell out, barely had food. But it was all worth the experience I was gaining and the career I was building in order for me to reach my goals.

Days passed by as I met the best and worst characters and personalities – which is something you come across at every workplace.

Days passed by as my self confidence grew stronger, as I learnt how to appreciate the money I’m making, and as I let some things that used to get on my nerves, go.

I was so close to signing the contract. So close to reaching my goal. So close to being prouder of myself. Unfortunately, things went down the road the wrong way. And living the dream was no longer on my daily calendar; the company decided to end my journey as a reporter, for now.

Regardless of the reasons that made me unqualified to proceed with this job, and even though I was certain of my own work and qualifications and I was confident that I was totally doing good, I couldn’t but feel bad about what happened. The amount of people who supported me and believed in me is incredible. Even strangers raided my social media accounts, and I couldn’t be happier to feel the love from everyone❤️

It’s not only the fact that I’m gonna miss the place and the ambiance, or the fact that I met amazing people that made work so bearable, it’s the idea of going back to being unemployed. The idea of waking up and having nothing to do. The idea of not being productive as much as I want to and can be!

This beautiful journey at LBCI was extraordinary. And I wouldn’t let anyone tell me otherwise, for I couldn’t be any prouder of myself because I get to say that I was once a “LBCI’s student“😊

Now as for others’ worst experiences, I want to share with you some of the funniest stories as well as the deepest ones! Enjoy😜



  1. LBCI Looooooooooooosers
    Wawww ur experience make me cry ,,, habibe enjoy the rest of summer vacation and don’t b afraid to start over, every day is the opportunity for a better tomorrow. Love you


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