My 1st time as a TV presenter!

I’ve been unemployed for the past 3 months and a half. I’ve always wanted to start my career at some point that it made me a bit desperate for any job!

Lucky me, being a couch potato didn’t last longer☺️. One day, I was interviewed by Pamela Hneine on MaryamTV due to my blog. Little did I know that back then, my career is finally coming to a fresh start! When the interview came to an end, the producer came to me and offered me a TV presenter post at the channel and I literally felt my heart skipping a beat.

Two weeks later, which brings us to today, where I had my first experience in going live on air!

Let me tell you how it went.

My day started by shutting off the alarm and going back to sleep. Fortunately, my cousin’s voice woke me up when he asked his mom “Nicole jeye?” –he didn’t know I was already sleeping at their place since he was asleep when I reached their home yesterday night.

Rushing to get dressed and ready for my taxi to pick me up, I had my makeup done in the car while I’m on my way to the TV station😅 –it looked good.. I guess..

Anyways! I reached the location and met a few people including my cohost –who’s very nice and we actually clicked immediately!!!

Being relieved to meet such nice people at work, it was about time that we start panicking about getting our hair done. The hairdressers were late! They came at around 8h and fixed our looks in about 15 minutes before we went live.

8h15, standby, and go!

I must confess that an hour passed by swiftly that we barely noticed the time. Everything was super fun, fresh and beautiful! My cohost Sally and I had fun and didn’t actually take it that serious, which has probably made a better impact on our performance. I wasn’t scared nor anxious at all! You’d definitely spot the excitement on my face and in my huge smile😃

Bottom line:

Today was amazing. I’m so happy I find myself well fit in this major and job! Never study anything because someone imposed it on you. Do whatever you want to do. Be whoever you want to be. Because then, you’ll nail your work and definitely be happy. Cheers to many more projects to come🥂

Now it’s time to reward myself with a pizza.

You can watch a brief of my first live experience by clicking on this link:

or the rerun on Sunday at 17h!

Blondies on set


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