5 Things You Should Know About Unemployment

I’ve graduated with a BA in Journalism and Communication almost 2 months ago and yes, I’m still unemployed. Many of you might think that it’s fun. Well guess what; IT IS NOT!

It’s true that you can keep yourself busy by reading or watching series etc.. but the unproductivity in you strikes big time. So here are 5 things you should know about being unemployed:

  1. You overthink a lot: your mental health is so important, but no matter what you do in such condition; you’re going to start overthinking about everything. Even if it’s something your mom said like a week ago. You start questioning things like “why did she say that she’s tired? Am I causing some kind of a burden?” or “what did he mean when he texted me without any emojis?!” –yeah, it happens.giphy 2
  2. You eat more often: spending your time at home either makes you want to eat more or come up with plans that include food such as going to the movies where the popcorn there tastes like heaven or exploring new restaurants.. wherever you go, food must be part of your plan. Let the inner chef in you nail the kitchen! Note that you’d be so happy without realizing how much weight you could be gaining, but yolo –thank God I’m someone who eats a lot but gains little weight.giphy 3
  3. You sleep like a pregnant woman: because you have no reason to get up early and do something, you become best friends with your bed and the King/Queen of never ending naps. giphy 4
  4. You think it’s gonna last forever: your mind says it’s gonna end soon but your heart feels like you’re stuck in this forever.giphy 5 So prepare yourself for a lot of tears and mood swings, even if you’re keeping yourself busy with books and movies or plans.
  5. You’ll look homeless at your home: this gif explains it all. giphy 6

    Well, since I’m experiencing this

    my advice to you is; don’t stress yourself out. Keep applying for different jobs, spread your CV wherever you can, do what you have to do, and relax.

Your time is coming

at least that’s what I tell myself haha.

giphy 7

One comment

  1. Just enjoy each day, believe me , as you correctly said, your time will come sooner than you thought. Just from following your posts I feel that great mind and maturity. Do not stress at all!!

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