10 things I’ll teach my kids

I happen to be someone who enjoys babysitting and loves kids, so I don’t mind listening to children’s stories. But little did I know that the next generation is literally nothing like ours.

Here are the top 10 things that I’ll definitely teach my kids:

  • Grades never define you

Many uneducated people know how to live better than the ones who used to ace their exams. Don’t get me wrong, education is very important. But grades never determine the real you nor value your personality. So whether you get a 10/10 or a 5; you’re equal to your classmates. Life is definitely not a competition with the others.

  • Be confident

in the way you talk, the way you walk,
in your actions and behaviors,
even when you don’t think before doing something, do it with confidence –and bear the consequences later haha.
Be confident but not rude. Be confident but definitely not sassy. Make confidence you.

  • Make loads of mistakes

LOADS of them. Interact with the wrong people, kiss the bad ones, take the wrong decisions, don’t sleep well, skip meals, give chances to the ones who don’t deserve them..

But my dear baby you must know that a mistake should be done once and only once. Learn from it, and definitely move on. Don’t imprison yourself in your mistakes.

  • Learn how to enjoy your age

Please don’t skip any phase.
You’ll get plenty of time to party and to just be loose. Enjoy where you’re at right now so you’ll have interesting childhood stories to tell your kids or grandchildren. For each age its funtime.

  • Leave the sadness away

Life is too short to stress about anything or to be sad about materialistic things. Every incident is a lesson. And every lesson is a new experience that’ll make you grow. Nothing is worth the struggle.

  • Stay loyal

to your work, among your friends, in your relationships & to basically everything! Loyalty preserves love, respect and happiness.

  • Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

Whatever it is that you have in mind, you must never be afraid of sharing it.
Power is letting it all out. Your madness, your sadness, your craziness, your love, your lights, your everything!

  • Respect everyone

To whoever you’re talking, whether it’s a child or a grownup; always respect them to earn their respect to you.

  • Money ain’t everything

Money means nothing if you don’t have love, family and health. Kill the part in you that thinks money means happiness. There’s a quote that I love sharing:

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

Having money doesn’t necessarily mean having a wide mind, education or values. You build yourself and train your mind, that’s called being rich.

  • Do what makes you happy

From any minor thing to a major one; from the food you like to your Bachelor degree, never let anyone choose what you want to do. If you love doing something, do it. Don’t ask for anyone’s opinion. Don’t stress about what others are going to think. Be free and happiness will come your way, all day everyday.


Now here are some pictures of my baby cousins:


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