Whenever I think of writing about my mom, I find myself speechless. I find myself unable to put my feelings nor my thoughts into words.

I know this might sound cheesy or cliché, but I find my mami amazing.

She’s not just a person, she’s my idol.

She’s not just a housewife, she’s a worker.

She’s not just a regular cook, she’s a chef.

She’s not just a woman, she’s the shoulder I cry on whenever I feel like crap or useless. In other words, she’s my motivation; always ready to pick me up when I have enough of everything & everyone.

She doesn’t whine about some stuff because she has nothing else to do, she just worries about her kids.

She doesn’t just love my dad, but she teaches me how to adore my husband no matter what happens during our journeys. Because for her, we’re all gone before they even notice, and he’s the one who’s gonna grow old with her and stick with her until the very last moment. 

She makes everything look easy & honestly I have no idea how she does it because for damn sure life isn’t a piece of cake.

Now you see, I want to grow older and become more like her. I want to have that perfect family and life she has. I want to be the woman who knows how to manage her house and profession equally and amazingly!

I want to be as strong as her when things get rough down the road. She gives me confidence and happiness.

I want to be the woman who’s not only called a “mom” but also her children’s best friend, because to me that’s what she is. She’s my best friend, my inspiration, my strength when I’m so weak, my fighter and best of all, my home❤️

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